I'm not crafty. Try as I might, I'm just not. So if I want something to decorate my house, and I want it home made, I'm probably going garage-saling or to a church bazaar. But many of you are very crafty, and very creative. These talents shine online in Etsy stores!

I was doing a little browsing the other day to brighten up my tiny little excuse for a bathroom. I found plenty from Missouri's Etsy stores that was cracking me up left and right. Have a look!

1.  The Warning Sign.


2.  The Rules of the Toilet.


3.  Reminding the Boys.


4.  An Instruction That's A Little Spicy.


5. The Thinking Room.


SoCuteINeedOneToo is out of Springfield, Missouri.

Have you found something fun on Etsy? Share your finds!

Craftily yours,