I'm not crafty. Try as I might, I'm just not. So if I want something to decorate my house, and I want it home made, I'm probably going garage-saling or to a church bazaar. But many of you are very crafty, and very creative. These talents shine online in Etsy stores!

I was doing a little browsing the other day to brighten up my tiny little excuse for a bathroom. I found plenty from Missouri's Etsy stores that was cracking me up left and right. Have a look!

1.  The Warning Sign.


Find at the MemoEze shop from Kanasas City, Missouri.

2.  The Rules of the Toilet.


Find it here at FourDaughterBoutique, also from KC.

3.  Reminding the Boys.


Find it at JollieDays, from Republic, Missouri.

4.  An Instruction That's A Little Spicy.


This one comes from VinylDesignsForYou, out of Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

5. The Thinking Room.


SoCuteINeedOneToo is out of Springfield, Missouri.

Have you found something fun on Etsy? Share your finds!

Craftily yours,