Miranda Lambert's album 'Platinum' was one of the most highly anticipated records of the year.  Lambert has shared stories behind several of the tracks.

The 16-track album is intended to "make up a picture," says the songstress, adding that it's full of humor, nostalgia, femininity, and girl power. With that in mind, it's even more exciting to hear that the song subjects include tabloids and self-image.

'Priscilla' addresses being in the tabloids, and Lambert and her husband Blake Shelton have experienced that in full -- from divorce rumors to cheating scandals and pregnancy whispers.

The sassy songstress says, "I think it does it in a fun way, though. It happens, and it's happening a lot, lot more to Blake and I than ever before, and I thought it was a really smart take on how it happens, and I definitely don't want people to think I'm comparing us to Priscilla and Elvis in any stretch of the imagination."

Also included on 'Platinum' is the Carrie Underwood duet ('Something Bad') a western swing collaboration with the Time Jumpers, and a song called 'Bathroom Sink' that addresses the pressure women face to look good, whether they're a country star or not.

"It's definitely more pressure on women, and we put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way, to look like other women," explains the songstress. "It's hard; some days you do feel beautiful, and then someone will knock you down with a mean comment. It's exhausting. Weight issues, fake lashes and tanning, and all the stuff that goes into just going out into public sometimes. I wish I could just not do it for a day and see what happens."

It's a song that definitely speaks to females, and Lambert has played it for several girlfriends, who resoundingly relate to the song.

Her newest album is ultimately a reflection of Lambert learning more about herself. Newly crowned as an ecstatic 30-year-old, she laughs, "I'm actually really excited to be 30 -- I'm looking forward to getting smarter. In your twenties, you're kind of running around trying to figure out who you are and screaming out, "Listen to me, I have something to say!" So all of this reflection on my record, it's in a positive way, trying to learn more about myself."

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