The Answer Zone is a segment on the Mid-Mo Morning Show where we get celebrities, local celebrities, and VIPs one-on-one and throw random questions at them. This time around Sam Alex, host of Taste of Country Nights, enters the Answer Zone!

How many hours of sleep do you average when you're covering the ACM's in Vegas?

I feel like sleep is a good thing after a big trip. After you go to the beach, after you go swimming, after you see the big stars on the red carpet at the awards I average about 30 minutes every 10 hours. That's like an hour and a half a day!

Does everything actually stay in Vegas?

Of course not! It used to, but because of Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat and Pintrest and Etsy and everything we can possibly think of, nothing's a secret anymore!

Have you ever had an interview that didn't go right?

In the past, I've worked in other formats, like pop and rock. When I hosted a morning show I talked to someone who actually fell asleep while I was interviewing them on the phone.

What is something about Nashville that visitors would be surprised to find out?

The Country Music Hall of Fame is amazing. I highly recommend going there. I think people would be surprised to find out that there's a lot of people who live in Nashville that are not from Nashville. It's kind of neat to drive around town. There's lots of new construction, and houses that look like they should be in the Hollywood Hills, or in Silicon Valley.

Strangest thing a caller has ever asked?

A caller asked me to do the tattoo of my name on them, even though I'm not a tattoo artist! I've never done any of that, I have no experience! Plus, I don't think you should tattoo anyone's name on your body, unless it's someone that's very meaningful in your family. That was kind of unique.

Question you are tired of answering?

"Sam, is it really true that you like girly drinks?" Yes. I like manly drinks, too. I like whiskey and vodka just by itself, but yes, I love strawberry daiquiris and pina colodas and I love my girly drinks!

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