Are you planning on doing any redecorating or redesigning in 2019? Here's what's trendy this year, according to the experts at Family Features.

Nordic Noir

"Nordic Noir upholds values of minimalism and timeless devotion to well-made elements that are beautiful in their own simplicity."

Urban Country

"This trend brings the look and feel of rural living to urban spaces by pairing crisp white and warm neutrals with ornate fixtures."

Rustic Luxury

"Geared toward those who need a personal space where they can restore energy and find balance, Rustic Luxury design helps homeowners disconnect from the demands of everyday life."

Pretty and Calm

"As female buying-power continues to increase, spaces are being redesigned to fit the lifestyles of modern women who often appreciate both contemporary and traditional design."

Live and Work

"If you're one of more than 3.4 million Americans working from home at least half of the time, you may require transitional spaces that accommodate both productivity and downtime."

Mediterranean Escape

"People who travel tend to bring blended influences from various cultures home. This trend helps homeowners showcase the intricate detail and culture in those treasured pieces."

The influence of global cultures is increasingly visible in home decor as technology expands homeowners' worldviews. Acting on the inspiration of global trends can be as simple as shifting your outlook to bringing eye-catching features and everyday functions into your home.

Of course, there's one trend that is noticeably absent from this list. It's kind of the main thing I take into consideration whenever I'm picking up something for the house, and I bet I'm not alone - CHEAP!

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