Meet Sasha. Yesterday the Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter in Warrensburg shared a cute video of her playing with Warrensburg's Animal Control officer originally posted by Kayla Frank, one of Old Drum's Animal Care Coordinators. (If you want to see the video you check it out here on the Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter Facebook page.)

Sasha has been a resident of the Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter for more than six months. Kayla says in her post one of the reasons Sasha hasn't been adopted yet is because people aren't at the shelter long enough to see Sasha's playful personality.

Let's see if we can find Sasha a furever home, or at least get Sasha some human friends to stop by and play with her. Sasha is a medium sized dog, she is spayed and is up to date with all her vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $75.00.

Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter is open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00PM CST - 6:00PM CST and Saturday from Noon to 3:00PM CST. The shelter is located at 37 SW 101 Road in Warrensburg. For more information on  Old Drum and Friends Animal Shelter check out their website here.


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