Sedalia Mayor Dawson invited voters to tour the Central Wastewater Plant, just days ahead of an election that will ask Sedalia citizens to approve a $60M sewer bond issue.

He issued a statement on Monday afternoon:

“On behalf of the city, you are invited to attend two public presentations about our plan to make significant improvements to our city’s sewer system.

Citizens are invited to join city representatives and our engineer at noon on February 1 or at 10 a.m. on February 3 at the Central Wastewater Plant, located at 2900 West Main Street to hear about the plan. A tour of the plant is included and attendees can ask questions and get answers.

The State of Missouri is requiring the City of Sedalia to replace the North Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plant’s technology is severely outdated, with most of the equipment dating back to the 1940s. That technology no longer meets the requirements of the state’s Department of Natural Resources or the requirements of the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

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The state has a fund with a low-interest rate to borrow from to make improvements; however, the city needs voter approval to apply for these funds. The total project cost will be a maximum of 60 million dollars, and the state will allow up to 30 years to pay back the funds. The state allows us to draw down only the funds we need up to the maximum authorized by the voters.

Our plan will replace outdated technology, ensure the quality of our drinking water and prevent sewage from contaminating ground water and streams. These improvements will help the city comply with the state’s requirements and solve many of the ongoing problems residents have had with the current system.

I hope you will attend these public presentations. To learn more about planned sewer improvements, visit If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."

– Mayor Andrew Dawson

Wastewater Plant Tour

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