We got a little skiff of snow overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. There were a few minor problems from it. You know at some point we we'll see more of the white stuff. I mean, c'mon...it's Missouri. I'm just glad we're not getting slammed with the snow storm that's on the east coast.

According to reports some areas are receiving more snow with this storm than they did all of last year. In fact in some parts of Pennsylvania, a foot of snow has already fallen.

I have a daughter living in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. And they've received about four to six inches so far. In New York City, a report from the National Weather Service said that Central Park received more than six inches of sleet and snow. That surpasses last year's total of a little less than five inches.

According to Accuweather:

Binghamton, NY, closing in on 3 feet of snow. A major nor'easter is pummeling the interior Northeast with feet of snow, and some cities along the Interstate 95 corridor have already eclipsed their total snow from last winter.

So how much snow are we expected to get in Central Missouri this winter? You may well know that as of the writing of this story, it's still officially Fall. Winter doesn't come around until Monday, December 21.

According to the Snowblowersdirect.com website, Missouri is in a region that's calling for cold temperatures and above average snowfall. So what is the average amount of annual snowfall for Sedalia? According to bestplaces.net Sedalia has an average of 14 inches of snow per year.

So how much snow do you predict for Sedalia this winter?

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