Guys, for the most part, I tend to stay off of social media.  Sure, I use it for work, but a lot of the time,  I don't look a it on a personal level.  And that choice of mine, that terrible, awful, choice, has officially bit me in the hinder. 

Because if I HAD been on social media, maybe I would have found out about this local event and made my plans accordingly.


MAC AND CHEESE COOK OFF?  RIGHT HERE?  FOR ME TO SAMPLE? IN FRONT OF MY SALAD?  Sorry.  That last one was misuse of an internet meme.

Eugh. It sounds great, doesn't it.  Walking around the block, taking bites of different kinds of macaroni and cheese, talking a little with each cook, figuring out what makes them tick, voting for a winner.

I bet there will be someone there using gouda.  I freggin love gouda.

I bet it won't be just macaroni, either.  I bet someone will use farfalle (you know, the little bow tie lookin ones).  Or shells. Or little tortellini's!  And I'm sure someone will have made a tasty roux or a béchamel or something that would make James Currie happy.

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But Nooooooooo, I won't be there.  I won't be sampling delicious pastas and helping determine a winner all to help the local art scene.  Nope.  I'll be out of town.  Which really, is my own dang fault.  I mean, yes, it has been an odd week since I've been sick and all, and there was stress about whether or not NJ and I could get tickets to go see Suga (Spoiler Alert, he did, we got VIP even)....but, is any of that a valid excuse to the dairy gods?

But maybe if I had taken a second to look at some social media, I could have.  Alas.  This is my own dilemma.  But you, you can go, and I can live vicariously through you!  If you can't see the flyer or it didn't load or whatever, the event is Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the Craft Beer Cellar.  There's a small tasting/voting fee, but if you brought twenty bucks in singles I bet you'd be set for the whole deal.  And it's going to help local art projects with North of Broadway Art Events.

Cheesily yours,

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