Country stars had all kinds of new songs to share this week, from foot-stomping anthems to sweet devotions of love. Which one's your favorite?

Luke Bryan, "What Makes You Country":

Get ready Luke Bryan fans: The singer has just shared the title track off of his newest album as his next single. “What Makes You Country” is an anthem of appreciation that celebrates the many, many different types of people who identify as country. In the song, Bryan makes it clear that we shouldn’t be worrying about what makes someone “country;” rather, we should be celebrating our own unique lives. “It might not've been you, but I can't judge,” Bryan sings. “Just be proud of what makes you country.” “What Makes You Country” was written by Bryan along with Dallas Davidson and Ashley Gorley; the track was produced by Jeff and Jody Stevens. -- CC

Jo Dee Messina, "Reckless Love": 

Jo Dee Messina isn’t letting her cancer battle deter her spirit or her faith in God. The singer recently shared her new track “Reckless Love,” an inspiring song about never turning away from the man upstairs and instead choosing always to believe in His love and what He has planned. In the spiritual song’s chorus, Messina sings about her relationship with God: “And, oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God / Oh, it chases me down, fights 'til I’m found … I couldn't earn it, and I don't deserve it; still, You give Yourself away ...” “Reckless Love” was written by Cory Asbury, Caleb Culver and Ran Jackson. -- CC

Kane Brown, "Good as You":

The latest track to be shared off Kane Brown's upcoming second album, Experiment, spotlights the singer's softer, more romantic and slowed-down side. In a turn away from the soaring energy of "What Ifs" and the hard-driving, fiddle-heavy earworm, "Lose It," "Good as You" slows the party down for a smoldering, R&B-inflected jam that's all about striving to deserve the woman he loves. It's difficult not to see the song as a personal tribute. Not only does the release of "Good as You" coincide with Brown's real-life wedding, but the singer says the song's music video was filmed during the big day. "Shot my whole wedding for a music video!!!! Song comes out tonight called good as you and video tomorrow!!" Brown stated on Twitter. -- CL

Delta Rae, "Hands Dirty":

Delta Rae's newest release, "Hands Dirty," is a hard-rocking call to action that packs a punch. The song is a direct response to the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, as well as a cultural climate in which women have to fight in order to have their stories heard -- let alone believed. "I get my hands dirty / I show up so early / They show me no mercy, so I just keep working," the song's chorus declares. Group member Brittany Holljes explains in a personal essay to her fans that she was sexually assaulted 13. "My brother and I wrote “Hands Dirty” because women in America are doing just that every day – tirelessly working at our jobs, pursuing our education, running for office in record numbers in the 2018 election," she explains. "We create beautiful art, raise children, start businesses, teach young people, save lives. We keep pursuing our goals as though nothing is wrong, but something IS deeply wrong." -- CL

Alissa Griffith, "This is Love":

Up-and-comer Alissa Griffith lays it all out on the line in her new song, "This is Love," which was produced by Jon Stone and Dan Frizsell. The song tells the story of a love that may not be as picture-perfect as the romance we see depicted in movies, but is all the more real for its grit. "Well, I'm not woman enough to fill your every need / And you're not man enough to fix everything in me," Griffith sings in the song. "But oh the push, the push, the push And the shove / We've gotta rise, rise, rise above / Cause this is hard / It ain't pretty / But this is love." Griffith showcases her bluesy vocal influences as she sings, while a slide guitar lends some traditional country magic to the track. -- CL

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