Here we go again with another listener's tale of "Love Gone Wrong."  This date is more like a "gathering" than a date.  After all, a date usually implies two people.  If you're going to have a third wheel with you on your first date, it's probably not a great idea to bring your ex-girlfriend along...

It was going to be our first date and the guy wanted to impress me.  He planned a special date to St. Louis.  When he picked me up, he stated that he was going to pick up a friend of ours.  This friend was one of his ex-girlfriends.

The drive was not that bad, other than the fact that he brought his ex.  He had reservation to a very nice seafood restaurant, but I don’t eat seafood, the smell makes me sick. Although I had already told him before that I don’t eat seafood, I mentioned it again when we got there. He said, “I’m sure they have something else you can eat.”

I was very polite and went. I didn’t even get through the first drink and had to go outside (which was freezing) to get fresh air. Then after the three of us got our food, he said we could go somewhere else. Are you kidding me?

I got fresh air numerous times, while they enjoyed our first date.

Check back here tomorrow for another tale of "Love Gone Wrong."

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