Here's another tale from one of our listeners about "Love Gone Wrong."  It's always fun to bring your date to your favorite restaurant, especially if it's one that you really, really like.  However, this listener's date may have been just a little too excited about the "dinner" portion of this dinner date...

I had just gotten out of a long term relationship, and a girlfriend of mine had suggested I give a friend of hers a try.  After a few phone conversations, I decided to give this blind date a go.

Agreeing to dinner, he suggests that we go to a Seafood restaurant.  I love Seafood and think it’s a great idea. He follows with, "You know, King’s Chef has all you can eat crab legs on Saturday night!
I think to myself, “Okay, okay, this will still be fine.”

Well, we get there and the crab legs had run out.  As we sit at the table, my date looks at me with VERY intense eyes and says, "You let me know as soon as they bring out the crab legs."

As they are bringing them out, he literally sprints to the buffet, skipping around people, and puts ALL OF THE CRABLEGS on his plate.  They're falling off the pile, and he's grabbing them with his hands!

Everyone in the restaurant is griping about this guy, and since I’m at the back of the line (because he didn't wait for me), I just nod my head like I have no idea who this guy is!

When you eat crab legs, you need that little tool to break them apart.  Well, not this guy.  He uses his teeth to break ‘em open.  Juice was flying everywhere and even hit me in my face!

At the end of the dinner, he actually asked for a kiss.  Ummm, NO!  Needless to say my friend was in a lot of trouble!

Check back here tomorrow for another tale of "Love Gone Wrong."

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