Get ready for another listener's story of "Love Gone Wrong."  Lots of people enjoy a drink or two on a date.  It help's people relax and can make you a lot less nervous about meeting someone new.  However, as we see in this dating disaster, drinks on a first date can be a double-edged sword...

I went on a date with this guy I had a huge crush on in high school. We went to dinner, then out for some drinks and conversation.

Evidently the poor guy wasn't a drinker, because by the end of the night he was vomiting everywhere and the proceeded to pee his pants!

I dropped him off in his front yard, vomit and urine soaked, and left.  I haven't spoken a word to him since, he must have realized I wasn't into guys who pee themselves!

Check back next Monday for another tale of "Love Gone Wrong."

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