We're quickly approaching Valentine's Day, and that means it's time to share our "Love Gone Wrong" story submissions!  We asked you to send us stories about your worst dates, and you delivered.  We'll be featuring a new story every weekday, until we reveal our favorite story on Feb. 12.

For our first story, we get a little reminder that it's probably a good idea to make a quick run to the bathroom before you pick up your date.  Otherwise, you may find yourself in this situation...

I had met a gentleman in the military online. We talked for several weeks before we decided to meet.

He drove to my house to pick me up.  As he pulled in the driveway, he jumped out his car and ran passed me asking if he could use my bathroom.  I directed him to where it was.

When he came out of the bathroom, his shirt was untucked and he immediately sat down.  He revealed that we couldn't go anywhere because he didn't make it to the bathroom and had soaked his pants.

Needless to say, our date was over before it began!

Check back here tomorrow for another tale of "Love Gone Wrong."

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