If you're a dog and or cat lover and looking for a part time job or a side hustle. The City of Warrensburg might have just the job for you.

Old Drum and Friends Animal Shelter in Warrensburg is looking to hire Part-Time Animal Shelter Laborers. Now this doesn't sound like that cool of a job title. However, the job description provided by the City does seem cooler:

Essential duties include but are not limited to, providing food, water, and exercise, as needed, for all animals. Monitors and cleans all cages assuring for safety and cleanliness, as well as monitors the health of each animal in the shelter.

I did many of these things as a volunteer for the greyhound rescue group I was involved in and I'm sure there have been many shelter volunteers who have done this kind of stuff too. So really, I can get paid for playing and walking the animals at the shelter? While feeding them and making sure they have fresh water? And keeping an eye on them making sure they're healthy? It sounds like a great job so far.

Of course, there's the cleaning up the cages, emptying litter boxes and picking up dogie doo-doo, but that's just life. Anyone with a pet knows that this stuff is just part of pet ownership. And it's also part of running an animal shelter too.

Applicants for this position are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent and two or more years of experience working with animals. Pay for this position is $10.57 an hour and candidates are subject to a background screening and alcohol and drug screenings.

You can learn more about the job and how you can apply for it here.

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