Admittedly, I don't go up to Knob Noster much.  I don't know why, but I just don't make it up there very often. 

Well, I've been looking for more reasons to get out and about lately on the weekends.  I want to find new and possibly cheap or free things to do on Saturdays. You know, date ideas.  I don't want to make my poor boyfriend (we'll call him NJ) sit around my house all the time, and after all, it's still nice weather wise.  After a while it'll get gross and snowy, and it'll probably be harder to get out and do stuff.

So I was looking for ideas and I found the Knobtoberfest!  I don't know how long it was in the works, but I think this was the first year.  I just knew it was a vendor/craft fair in downtown Knob Noster.  Why not?  We went down to check it out.  There were several barbecue trucks, but we didn't get to sample any. I think we were there at the wrong time. The fair itself was small but fun! There were some really good spring roll type things, and lots of fun booths with clothes, candles, home made soap and home made play dough, just a lotta different things.  We ended up getting conned convinced to buy some cookies from what I think was the Girl Scouts, and bought some popcorn from the Boy Scouts (so tasty, but so pricey.  The young man said it was because they sell popcorn, not air in the bag.  Touché). I think they'll be even bigger next year.

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I had heard also there was going to be a Halloweeny event at the Knob Noster State Park, so after the fair, we went down to that.  There were a ton of people at that one! It had a little bit of everything, too.  Lots of stuff for kids.  There were tram rides and hay rides and little crafts and a spooky historical tour that was really up NJ's alley (he has a history degree).   And, they had some animal "oddities" and this little guy.


Sooo cute, right?  At first I wasn't sure if he was real because he was so still. But yes, he's a cute little owl buddy.  Well. He's a friend for now.  Make him mad and I'm sure he'll claw your eyes out without a second thought.

Anyway, it was super fun and totally free.  They're going to have some more events coming up this fall, so you can check them out on their Facebook page.  The park is really beautiful this time of year, and you should totally check out the camps and all the historical stuff they have to offer.  So fun.

Nosterly yours,

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