Did you or your child recently lose a stuffed bunny when you stopped by the Warrensburg Visitor Center on Russell Avenue?

Someone found the stuffed bunny above, which is holding a football, in the parking lot of the visitor center next to Raging Bull Steakhouse this morning. The Visitor Center staff have brought the stuffed bunny in from the cold and snow so it wouldn't run away.

I know little ones, and even some of us not so little ones, can form an attachment to the stuffed animals in our life so I'd love to see the bunny be reunited with his or her person. Until then the staff of the visitors center will take care of him or her.

The Warrensburg Visitors Center is located at 407A East Russell Avenue in Warrensburg.

When the stuffed bunny was asked for a rooting interest in the Super Bowl, he or she decided to stay quiet on the subject.

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