One of the most well known Thanksgiving Day traditions for many is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.  It was in my house for a long time.  This year, perhaps we all need to watch it, or record it, because it will certainly have a Missouri feel to it.

Thanksgiving will be Nov 24th this year and congrats to Marching Mizzou! They will be a part of the big parade and on top of that, they get to may tribute to a very famous alumnus, and all around rock star.

The near 300 Marching Mizzou members recently learned that they will be marching to Sheryl Crow's hit song "All I Wanna Do" in the parade!

The rest of the band’s parade performance will function like a normal performance, similar to homecoming, but the bands are adding the additional selection of “All I Wanna Do” to further highlight MU, which is why they chose a song by a MU alumnus.

The band will do two of its fight songs, including “Go, Fight, Win Tigers” to make its performance interactive with those watching the parade so viewers will be able to chant along.  If you are not familiar with the hit song from Sheryl, you can listen to it below:

You can read a bit more about this HERE.  No doubt this is a big deal for Marching Mizzou.  There will be a lot of practicing involved to get them ready.  Hope the weather isn't too severe.  You can learn more about Marching Mizzou by clicking HERE.  Congratulations on this honor.  MIZ-ZOU!

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