In my family, education was pretty important.  You had to get good grades in school, and going to college was highly encouraged.  I realize that college isn't for everyone, and you can find a fulfilling career without going to college, but for me, it was something that I always wanted to do, and get that experience.

The cost of a college education is getting higher and higher, with average costs for tuition and room and board at a four-year college between $23,000 and $52,000 a year and if you wish to continue your studies, one of the considerations is to get the best value for your room and board, as well as your education.

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Recently, WalletHub has released their annual list of schools that are in 2023's Best College and Universities list.  Our state of Missouri has 14 that are on that list.

Washington University in St. Louis came in at no. 6 on the list of Best Colleges and Universities in the Midwest. Truman State University came in at no. 19 on the Midwest list, William Jewell College was no. 22, and College of the Ozarks was no. 26. Your full list of Missouri rankings are below:

  1. Washington University in St. Louis (38) - private school
  2. Truman State (107) - state school
  3. William Jewell College (118) - private liberal arts school
  4. College of the Ozarks (132) - private Christian college
  5. Saint Louis University (152) - private Jesuit research university
  6. University of Missouri – St. Louis (161) - public research university
  7. Webster University (165) - private non-profit university
  8. Missouri University of Science and Technology (170) - public research university
  9. Rockhurst University (203) - private Jesuit university
  10. University of Missouri (233) - public land-grant research university
  11. Lindenwood University (271) - private university
  12. Drury University (290) - private non-profit university
  13. University of Missouri – Kansas City (374) - public research university
  14. Hannibal-LaGrange University (448) - private Christian university

If you click on the highlighted words you can get a direct link to the websites of each of the schools so you can learn a little bit more about each one and what majors and services they offer. I highlighted if the school was public or private because that can certainly play a factor when it comes to costs of tuition.

My own personal opinion is that no one ever suffered from getting more education, and my college years of living on campus and getting involved with activities and the lifelong friends I made were priceless. Worth every penny.

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