I received this email from a listener and told her she should enter it in our "Love Gone Wrong" contest.

"I want out on a date with a new guy over the weekend and we had a great time together.  We had lunch, spent three hours talking and laughing, then he walked me to my car.  But after I gave him a hug, he said: "Okay, I'm going to kiss you now."  It completely ruined the moment for me.  Why did he feel the need to preface our first kiss by 'TALKING about it?  Was he just nervous?"

Chances are, he wanted to make sure he didn't misread any signals she might have sent.  Nobody wants be rejected.  Especially after having a great time.  It's been said that nobody is more brave than the person that kisses first.  I cannot disagree with that.

What do you think?

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