I recently posed the question, What doesn't Sedalia need more of? So, obviously, as people started answering the question it not only became a list of what Sedalia doesn't need more of. It became a list of what people would like to see here in town.

Overall Here's What We Don't Need Move Of

Many folks were vocal about Sedalia not really needing any more fast food joints or restaurants. Especially Mexican restaurants. And the debate about whether we need another Taco Bell raged on with varying opinions.

Gas stations were another thing mentioned that we really didn't need more of. Yet, there's no real clamor for more gas stations anyway. While it didn't get mentioned in our post specifically, sometimes QT coming back to Sedalia gets mentioned. But overall this is a non-starter.

Car washes, pizza places, and BBQ joints also made the list.

What We Do Need More Of

As I mentioned, as people commented on the Facebook page plenty of people weighed in on what they think Sedalia needs. First and foremost, more entertainment options. Everything from places like Dave & Buster's to bowling alleys to a science center. Also top of mind was more investment in downtown and over on the East Side.

Of course, as the post continued, people started getting specific about what they wanted. And oddly, while there certainly seemed to be the sentiment the City doesn't need more food places. A lot of folks chimed in with the one or two restaurants they'd like to see in the City. I think it's because while logically there's plenty of places to enjoy a meal in town. We've all enjoyed meals and treats from places that aren't here, and we'd like to see them here.

So without further delay, here are 19 things you told us Sedalia needs.

19 Things You Say Sedalia Needs

I recently asked the question, what doesn't Sedalia need any more of? While the overall tenor of the conversation determined that Sedalia didn't need any more fast food places or gas stations. The conversation soon turned to what people want in Sedalia. And among the items were a couple of fast food places, restaurants, and entertainment options. Here are 19 things you told us you want in Sedalia.

The Fast Food Restaurants You Want In Sedalia

We asked you what fast food restaurants you'd like to see in Sedalia. Here's what you told us.

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