Well, when I say OCD I don't mean, like, really OCD.  Just in a joking, informal way. 

I didn't give out candy to Trick or Treaters this year, and it was mainly because I had to go to bed early.  But other people i work with? Oh heck yeah, they did.  And there was leftover Halloween candy all over this place.

I like chocolate and all, sure.  But I like fruity candies better.  Think Skittles, Starburst, Laffy Taffy, stuff like that.   I noticed a long time ago that I have to pair my candies or I can't properly enjoy them.  They have to be in pairs, they have to be the same color, and I have to eat them at the same time.  If there are a couple of stragglers, they ride together.  It's the same way with M&Ms, though, and those Starburst jelly beans I get sometimes.

If I'm working through some Starburst, I have to put them in color matchings, and then eat them in order: Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, Lemon. If we're talking about something other than the original  line up, the order changes. But there must always be matching, and there must always be a pecking order.

I mean, everybody does that, right?


Do you have any food "musts" like that?  Things that you just have to do to something before you eat it, like "the ketchup has to be on the top bun of the burger" or "the corn can't touch the gravy", you know what I mean.  Tell me all about em!

Taffily yours,


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