Josh Thompson's 'Cold Beer With Your Name on It' isn't your typical tale of lost love. The singer is reaching out for a woman he's lost, but he's not asking for forever -- he just wants to spend the night enjoying a cold beer (and maybe a dance) with her. 

Thompson's video shows what it's like to miss someone and how it can come full circle. The clip starts with his love interest, showing her living in Hollywood, enjoying the beach and sunshine and preparing for auditions. She seems genuinely happy as she leaps in front of the Hollywood sign.

Meanwhile, Thompson is missing his lost love. He's playing with his band in a bar, sipping on a cold beer and wishing she was there. After the Hollywood lights begin to get dull, the auditions don't go as planned and the beach becomes monotonous, his lady love starts to think about Thompson, too.

The brunette beauty returns to the bar to see the singer, much to his surprise. They rendezvous just the way he hoped they would -- over an ice cold beer.

"This was definitely my favorite video to make," Thompson shares with Taste of Country. "It has such a cool vibe. Can't wait for everyone to see it."

'Cold Beer With Your Name on It' is the first single from Thompson's  album, 'Turn It Up.' There are a total of 10 songs on his new release, and all were co-written by the singer himself. This will mark the singer's first record in four years.

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