Wisconsin native Josh Thompson has no trouble writing about his home state's favorite beverage, and he proves it once more with his new single, "Daddy Had a Beer."

Breaking through into the country mainstream in 2010 with his song "Beer on the Table," Thompson is one of the Nashville songwriters who have mastered the drinking song.

His latest ode to barley and hops appears on his new album Change: The Lost Record and is a flashback to the days of Thompson's youth, which yields memories of his father often holding a beer.

Though the dad portrayed in the song clearly likes to throw down a few cold ones, he is also a hard-working man who loves his family: "Even 12 hours tired, he still hugged his little man."

The vivid details also invite the listener into Thompson's Wisconsin home and reveal the charm and reality of a small-town setting.

"What I like about country music is the honesty and the raw emotion," says Thompson in a press release. "Whether writing about a childhood memory, a hard 40 hour work week or a good drinking and leaving song, my music is how I express myself."

As the album name implies, the "lost record" is a collection of previously unreleased songs that date back to Thompson's brief time with RCA Nashville, after label changes moved him from Columbia in 2011.

Thompson is currently on the road and performing select dates through August 2017.

Did You Know? Thompson also co-wrote Jason Aldean’s latest No. 1 single “Any Ol Barstool.” He's also had cuts with Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker and more.

Listen to Josh Thompson, "Daddy Had a Beer"

Josh Thompson’s “Daddy Had a Beer” Lyrics:

That’s me in that black and white / On momma’s right hip back in ’79 / Big sister on the couch curled up with Raggedy Ann / And daddy had a beer in his hand

I used to wait on the porch every night about dark / For that flatbed Chevy to roll up in the yard / Even 12 hours tired, he still hugged his little man / And daddy had a beer in his hand

He liked to sip ‘em slow / Make ‘em last / One too many was one he never had / But watching the game, fishin’ or cuttin’ the grass / Daddy had a beer in his hand

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