Storms moved through Johnson County Monday afternoon with 70 miles per hour winds and about 2 inches of rain. According to Johnson County EMA the impact of the storms resulted in downed power lines, and multiple reports of damage and power outages throughout Johnson County. Following the storm Johnson County EMA sent crews out to conduct damage assessments and help with debris management as needed.

While conducting a damage assessment south of Warrensburg one of their crews spotted an elderly man face down in a parking lot. The crew made contact with the man and determined the man had lost his balance in the parking lot after the storm, had fallen, and could not get back up. The man did not have a phone or a medical alert device to call for help.

Johnson County Emergency Management Agency volunteerShari Sims-Bickerton began rendering first aid while an amubulance was called to check on the subject.

Johnson County EMA crews continued to do damage assessments through the late afternoon hours. Crews from various utility providers spent Monday afternoon trying to restore power to those who lost power because of the storm.

If you have a damage report you can send that to Johnson County EMA here.

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