I don't think I've ever seen a more crazy winter weather moment than this one. There's an insane video showing what I believe is a firetruck in the St. Louis, Missouri area doing a complete 360 in a neighborhood after hitting ice.

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If you live in Missouri, you know that most of the state was hit hard by freezing rain and ice that is still making its way through the area as of this writing. It closed down much of Highway 61 early Monday morning and hit the St. Louis area hard, too.

There are two videos shared by a St. Louis area DWI Facebook page showing what happened to a firetruck that hit ice. This is crazy. I know for a fact that this happened in Missouri as the 2nd video shows Missouri plates on a vehicle in one home's driveway.

Here it is from another angle.

Incredible job by whoever that firemen is that was behind the wheel of that truck. How he/she managed to not clobber any other vehicles or homes is incredible.

The good news is that temperatures are warming up and should be great for the rest of the week. But, for now, driving on highways and roads are perilous. Be careful if you must travel and don't travel if you have the option.

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