We might have to change the name of Missouri from the Show-Me State to the Bed-Bug State, check out the alarming data that reveals Missouri's bed bug problem...

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According to an article from MattressNextDay, Missouri is the 4th worst state for bed bugs. The data collected from Google searches shows that Missourians are asking a lot of questions about the creepy invasive bugs that call your mattress home. In the article, they say...

"... over the last 12 months, there have been a huge 7,266,840 Google searches across America for bed bugs; showing just what a huge issue they can be....Bed bugs can be hugely difficult to get rid of once you’ve gotten them; and the problem is, they’re so small, you often don’t notice you have them until you start to see the telltale bite marks. As with many things, prevention is easier than cure..."

Missouri ranks 4th for the most Google searches for bed bugs per 10,000 people, and Missouri ranks behind only Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Ohio. But bed bugs might have an easy time crossing the Mississippi River because Illinois is ranked 6th on this list just behind Missouri. To see the full list for yourself, and to read helpful tips and tricks for preventing and getting rid of bed bugs, click here!

Does Missouri ACTUALLY have a Bed Bug Problem?

This ranking is based PURLEY on Google searches, which is a great way to judge because why would people be searching about bed bugs if they don't have bed bugs (or think they might have bed bugs)? But that is it, they don't combine Google searches with other data from pest control people or any other sources. So to say Missouri si the 4th worst state for bed bugs based solely on Google searches, I don't know if I buy it, do you?

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