In our household watching the long running game show "Jeopardy" is every bit a tradition as Friday Night Pizza Night. So when Governor Parson started doing his daily coronavirus update right at the beginning of Jeopardy we got a little irritated.

We DVR it, and then usually watch it while eating dinner. Don't criticize us. We don't have kids and very early in our marriage found the idea of the two of us sitting down to a family meal a little too formal and frankly, kind of silly. That, however, is a blog for another day.

Back to "Jeopardy". I get why 41 KSHB wants to air both the Missouri and the Kansas governor updates. But man, it's annoying to sit down with dinner. All ready to relax, enjoy a meal, and shout out answers at the TV. Only to see Governor Parson or Governor Kelly yappin' away.

It started when KSHB was airing "Jeopardy" at 3:00PM CDT. Everyday the first round of the show was cut off by Governor Parson. So what did KSHB do, move it to 2:00PM CDT. Where I think it maybe was on for a day or two before running into Governor Kelly's updates.

Each night we'd play it from the DVR, see Governor Kelly yappin' and fast forward. Double Jeopardy and the final is better than NO "Jeopardy" at all. Except it wasn't "Jeopardy".

It was some game show called "America Says" hosted by that guy from that show my wife and I liked that got cancelled after one season twelve years ago. (According to Wikipedia the host is actually John Michael Higgins. And in case you're wondering, the show we liked was the American version of Kath & Kim that starred Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. It aired one season in 2008.)

Anyway I couldn't find any information on when the station was airing "Jeopardy".  Nothing on the KSHB website. Nothing on their Facebook page. The cable guide had the wrong information. It was frustrating.

I don't think in normal times I'd be as frustrated. But during the coronavirus. Where everything is different. I think my wife Kathy and I are craving a little normal. Normal for us is watching "Jeopardy" while eating dinner.

I finally found the answer on the KSHB Facebook page in the community section buried under a question and several responses from KSHB viewers. According to the TV station via Facebook and confirmed by their station schedule on, "Jeopardy" is airing from 1:00PM - 2:00PM CDT, with the new episode airing at 1:30PM CDT.  Now all we have to do is hope there isn't some coronavirus update every day at that time and we'll have a little normalcy in our lives.


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