Feel like you're being bombarded with ways to lose weight? The airwaves are being blasted by every type of diet available. Pills, drinks, shakes, powders, bars, pre-packaged meals...they're all available at a price.

It's one of the top resolutions every new year.  Start eating healthy and losing weight. We've gone through the Halloween goodies, you know, the bags of sweetness we bought to give out to the ghosts and goblins along with treats that the kids collected around the neighborhood. Thanksgiving rolled around. You had get-togethers with friends and family. You swore that you weren't going to stop through the drive thru every morning for the latte, mochocino, espresso, sugar-laden coffee that tasted oh so good! But, you did, and now you're barely able to button and zip those jeans that fit fairly comfortably after surviving the Missouri State Fair and all their funnel cakes and corn dogs.  Now, let's see, you still have all the tins of flavored popcorn, homemade peanut clusters and fudge from Aunt Fern, and the remaining slices of pie leftover from Christmas Day. Of course you don't want to throw them out.  Mom always told you not waste food.

Hmmm...did I mention...one of the top resolutions for this new year is eating healthy and losing weight?

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