The Kids are back in school. The Chiefs won their first game. And the Halloween candy is in stores. So when will the leaves start to show their fall colors?

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation we're still four or five weeks away from the peak of fall colors on Missouri's trees shrubs and vines. The peak usually occurs in mid October. Although, it can be hard to predict. And depending where you are in Missouri and what type of foliage your looking at it can vary.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says, "Sassafras, sumac, and Virginia creeper are some of the earliest to change, beginning in mid-September. By late September, black gum, bittersweet, and dogwood are turning." They set the peak of viewing around the time "when maples, ashes, oaks, and hickories are at the height of their fall display."

Of course it can be an extremely disappointing experience if you decide to hop in your car and check out the colors in mid October, when fall colors are supposed to be at their peak, and they're not.  The good news, that won't happen if you utilize the Missouri Department of Conservation's fall colors web page.

They report and update on the fall color changes of Missouri's foliage all fall according to region. You want to head to Lake of the Ozarks, Columbia, Springfield, Branson, St. Louis or Kansas City to see the trees changing colors? They'll tell you exactly what to expect before you get in the car for that drive.

Additionally, the page suggests some ways in which you can enjoy nature's spectacular fall color changes and has a link to fall events that are happening. So before you head out, check out the Missouri Department of Conservation's fall color page to make sure you get that front row experience.

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