With football season officially underway and baseball season on its way to postseason play, sports fans are in heaven.  The St. Louis Cardinals aren't out of contention for the wild card in the NL Central and the KC Chiefs had a decent first half in their home opener. No, I don't want to talk about the second half of their 40-24 loss to Atlanta.

This isn't the only time we see seasons overlap in Sedalia.  The Sedalia Bombers baseball season is on during the Mid-MO Outlaws football season as well.  True sports fans will watch games while the season is going on and enjoy each game on its own merits.  But let's face it, every town has a favorite.

Now that football has kicked off, I pay little or no attention to baseball.  Unless your team is doing well (mine isn't) or at least has a chance at the playoffs, does it really hold your interest?  Couple that with the excitement of the air getting crisp in the fall and the promise of hard hitting, trick plays and cheering with friends, and that's why football is by far my favorite sport.

But that's just me.  As a whole, tell us which sport you think Sedalians prefer in general.