Ali Lohan, the younger singer of headline-friendly actress Lindsay Lohan, is apparently the latest to jump on the country music bandwagon.

TMZ reports that the 20-year-old has been visiting Nashville to meet with music producers and get the ball rolling on a country music career. Lohan has even hired a vocal coach and has started channeling her creativity into songwriting, and apparently, she's taking it seriously and is even trying to learn a few instruments to help her career.

This isn't Lohan's first rodeo when it comes to music -- she released a Christmas album in 2006 and again in 2012.

Rumors has it that this is more than a passing hobby for Lohan, and she's already been offered one record deal worth $120,000! The record label isn't specified in reports, and no details have been released about whether this is fact or fiction.

“Ali wants to be taken seriously and is ready to put everything she has into this record,” one source confesses to Radar Online. “Ali wants her new sound to be Miley Cyrus meets Lana Del Rey.”

Lohan hasn't commented on any of this yet, but some folks are saying she's already begun to record an album. Only time will tell!

The country-singer-in-training created a YouTube account late last year, and the very first video is of the fashion model showcasing her skills with her own take on Christina Aguilera's song, 'Beautiful.'

Explains Lohan in the clip, "My mama and my siblings have wanted me to post a video of me, myself showcasing my voice."

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