You know how people are in Sedalia, generally friendly people. Sure, every now and then you'll catch some snark (particularly on the internet), but most of the time, people are polite and friendly.  I know you've got a ton of stories of bad drivers, rude customers, etc.  I do, too.  But I also have a lot of stories of people just being nice - helping get a car off the side of the road, letting someone else go in front of you in line, you know what I mean.

But there's one little polite thing... that's got to go.

Sorry, folks, but times are changin.  It's a weird time right now.  So I'm sorry, but ya gotta stop holding the door when someone else is going into a building.

I know it sounds strange, but... I really think it's time. I read the news as much as you do about this whole sickness spreading all over the country, the world.  And I want to do my part to respect social distancing. So that means I don't want to be less than two arm lengths away from you.  I don't want to walk by you holding the door open, waiting for me to come in. I'd much rather you go and get on your way, letting me come in at my own rate.  Six feet away.

I don't know about you, but I'm taking this seriously.  Sure, it hasn't affected my social life much (we're homebodies) but I'm carrying hand sanitizer - and using it every time I go somewhere - I've ordered a mask, and I'm staying the ever loving HECK away from you at the store. So if that means you gotta seem a little rude and not hold the door open for me, so be it. I know it's a nice little gesture and you only want to be nice, but.. no.

I actually had to gesture to a guy that I Didn't want him to stand by the door and hold it open for me the other day.  I felt a little rude but at the same time, I'm not taking the risk.  I don't want to work from home. I don't want to be quarantined. And most of all, I don't want to get sick, because with my MS I'm immuno compromised. If I get this thing, it could be bad.  And worse, I don't want to spread it to my senior aged dad or Husbando.

So, please, be a little rude.  Let this one go. Maybe when this all ends, we can go back to how we used to be with each other.  But now, no.  If you're out, don't get close to people.  It might not be you you're protecting, it might be someone else, like me.

Rudely yours,