So apparently you can, in fact, be too nice when it comes to relationships.
And I guess it's SUPPOSED to be a bad thing . . . but I know a lot of people who'd snatch someone up if they acted like this. Anyway, let's see what you guys think about these.

1. You Pay for Everything.  In the beginning, it's fine to let the guy pick up the tab.  But after a while, you should both pitch in.  You don't have to split everything down the middle, but paying for stuff shouldn't always be left to one person.

2.  You Come Second to Their Friends.  Sure, everyone needs a life outside of their relationship.  But if you're always getting canceled on at the last minute because other plans come up, don't let it slide.

3. You Let Them Choose Everything.  Not everyone is comfortable as the decision-maker, but if you let your boyfriend or girlfriend call all the shots about where you go, what you do, and when you do it, you're just being a pushover.

4.  You Can't Say "No".  Being helpful is fine, but if you're constantly running around doing errands for someone, they'll just come to expect it.  If it's convenient for you, or want to be nice, help.  But don't be afraid to put your foot down either.

See, clearly I am not nice to poor Husbando. I tell him "No" all the dang time!  Maybe I'm a good mix of nice and not too nice.  What about you?  Do you think you're too nice?  Or is your partner too nice to you?