I don't really like these lists that tell us what we should wear, what we shouldn't wear, what we should accomplish, how much money we should be earning, or how we should live our life. I tend to believe in the "your mileage may vary" theory that says all our experiences will be different. So I was skeptical when I saw this list on Bright Side "13 Crucial Things Every Person Needs to Learn by the Age of 30".

When I started to read the article I thought what kind of B.S. is this article going to shovel my way. Yet, unlike the articles that degraded many of my life choices from wearing Chuck Taylors to my wife and I choosing not to own a home, I was surprised at how much of the article I thought could be helpful to people.

Of course, I'm approaching the article from the fact that age 30 for me was years ago. So as I read the article I found myself taking inventory of the things I had figured out by the age of 30. The things I learned later or earlier. And the things I just flat out blew.

What I blew: Learning to cook my signature dish. Unless that dish is pasta and canned tomato sauce topped fresh Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses. Yeah, that's not a signature dish but my wife still praises me for it. Finding money and time for a vacation. Time has never been the issue, money for a proper vacation never seems to be in ample supply.

What I'm still working on: Prioritizing my time correctly. They assert making sure you get enough time to make time and memories with family. This is a tough one. I spend a lot of time working. Working at work. Working at home. Working, working, working. That said, I've gotten better than I was. When I started my radio career I almost was bummed when the weekend hit and I wasn't working. Those days are long gone. But when you're doing a radio show, writing, and managing a group of radio stations, it's easy to not find the balance you need between work and home.

What I nailed: Finding a job / career I love, public speaking and getting out of Mom and Dad's house.

Whether your 18 or 40 I think this article is an interesting read and provides some good advice on how to live a happy live. There isn't any tip that's completely off the mark. Although, depending on your personality, "your mileage may vary."

For example, the reminder to read more is excellent, although I'm not sure I'll ever sit down and read "the classics." And while I love my career and I don't consider it a job, there are many sacrifices financial and otherwise my wife and I have made to follow it. You might find the security and financial rewards of a job that you don't like better than a career you love. So you might tweak that to finding a passion or hobby that you enjoy outside of your job.

And as for the suggestion to get in shape. If you're young, try not to get out of shape to start with. If you're like me, and the pounds you gained in college didn't come off after graduation. That's something many of us will be working on for most of your lives in fits and starts. Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint.

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