I am writing this article on a Sunday, and when I was younger, my family used to always go out for brunch after we went to church.  It allowed us some family time, and depending on what our taste was on that day, we could get something that was either more likely to be eaten for breakfast, or something more likely for lunch.  When I was in New York City during spring break in high school, it was cheaper to find a place for breakfast, lunch or brunch, eat a big meal and then you may be able to avoid a big dinner price tag.  I am considering a weekend trip to Branson, and I think this place needs to be on the itinerary.  Let me tell you about Billy Gail's.

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Billy Gail's has two locations.  One in Branson and one in The Ozarks.  One of the things they are known for are huge portions of food.  Especially for breakfast or brunch.  If pancakes are your thing, you make be thrilled at these homemade ones that barely fit on a plate.  How good do these look? 14 inches!

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According to their website which you can access HERE, they believe a restaurant's name is built on quality of food, exceptional service, and a fun atmosphere.  They are open 7 days a week.  Below is Billy Gail's Ranch breakfast.

attachment-Billy Gails 4

Or perhaps you enjoy a delicious country friend steak?  I know there are a few places in town that have them, and Billy Gail's is no different.

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The Branson location has been around since 1995.  No doubt they have things down to a science.  As you might expect, if you plan on checking out either location, expect to wait in line.  In my experience with places like this, you want to get there earlier than later.

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This place is family friendly, but they recommend keeping an eye on your child.  Now I suspect you will already be doing this, but heed the warning of the sign.

attachment-Billy Gails 7

There is more than enough room for seating, but again be prepared for a wait time especially on weekends.  The Branson location also has 10 counter seats.  Extra parking too.

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The Ozark location apparently has diner hours too.  You can click HERE to see the menu in more detail at the Branson location.  I believe the Ozark location will have similar choices. There are options for burgers, salads, baskets, you name it.

attachment-Billy Gails 9

The Branson restaurant is just down the road from Silver Dollar City, Table Rock Lake, and a few minutes from Hwy 76. The Ozark location is just off Hwy 65 next to James River Church.  This is a place that I will be checking out when I travel to Branson, but perhaps a weekend at the Ozarks, which is only 2 hours from Sedalia might give me the experience worth the trip.  Anyone care to join me?

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