OK...the Wish Fairy has visited you and told you one of your three wishes involve your favorite fast food joint/restaurant. Immediately, their must be one place that comes to mind.

We all have our favorites...the places that have long been gone. Whether it was going through the drive-thru, sitting down for a fast bite at a greasy spoon or spending a few dollars to savor the cuisine from one our favorite restaurants, we miss them.

It might have been in Sedalia, around the area, across the state or somewhere else in the United States. We all have our favorite spot. Maybe it wasn't so much the food as it was the people.

Hanging out in high school at the popular joint after class or after a victory at a home game. Going for a cold beer and wings at a favorite sports bar on a Sunday afternoon during the big game. Maybe it was going with your Mom and Dad along with your brothers and sisters to a place that was always considered a treat.

Start thinking...the memories will come back and make you smile, I'm sure.

Retro Collage
Francesco Cura

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