Do you like ice cream? I like ice cream. Do  you love Missouri? I love Missouri, I was born here. And I live here. And an ice cream cone is our official state dessert. So... how bout celebrating Missouri's bicentennial with an ice cream social? That sounds like a plan to me.

The State Historical Society of Missouri has proposed a state wide ice cream social on the two hundredth anniversary of Missouri's state hood, August 10. Michael Sweeney, bicentennial coordinator for the State Historical Society of Missouri says:

We were looking for a statewide event where every Missourian could participate in the bicentennial, so why not a good old-fashioned ice cream social to celebrate our state’s milestone!

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Sweeney goes on to say the idea for the event is to bring everyone together to enjoy some ice cream. Plus, it's a great way to celebrate Missouri's dairy industry and cool off on a hot August day.

Annie McGregor, who serves on the Board of Trustees for the State Historical Society, is the person who came up with the idea. Her vision is that this can happen almost anywhere in the state from backyards to parks.

McGregor says, "“An ice cream social is a way to take a moment to pause as family, friends and community, and to reflect on our state’s history. “It’s not all rainbows and butterflies but between the challenges and triumphs, we make Missouri ours to own. The ice cream is a sweet, very sweet way to make that happen.”

The state is looking for businesses to non-profit organizations to register for the Missouri 2021 Ice Cream Social. The only requirements to be officially recognized for the bicentennial is to hold your ice cream social on the afternoon or evening of August 10,202. If you want to hold an ice cream social you can register your business or non-profit here.

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