Admittedly, you guys, I don't have fast food very often. I honestly can't remember the last time I have.  Maybe it was for another one of these posts?  Who knows.  It's not because I'm So Fancy and amazing, and I'm whipping up homecooked meals that make Benjamin Ebbrell blush... its just that I'm cheap. I would rather spend ten dollars to buy a whole bag of frozen dino nuggets then ten dollars on one meal.  You get me.  So don't get it twisted.

Now having said that, I was intrigued, INTRIGUED I tell you, by the new items on the Wendy's menu that I saw online the other day.  They have basically a chicken version and a beef version of the same sandwich, garlic fries, and a new Frosty.  So I decided to swing for it and see how it was!

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Now first of all, can I say that the people at our local Sedalia Wendy's are great.  I never go in, but the green haired lady in the drive thru is always super nice.  I've been there maybe...twice this year, and she was there both times, total delight. I even told myself I was going to remember her name from her name tag, and I got an R but left my mind because apparently I need to keep other stuff in there. I'm sure everyone that works there is also great, but you know how it is.  You don't get to interact with everyone, just the people up front or at the window.

So I ordered, and here it is, my unfiltered opinion.

The Peppermint Frosty.


I got a small one. To be real here, I haven't had too many Frosty's (Frosties? What's the plural there?) in my life.  But when I did, they were always chocolate.  Always.  Now this new flavor, peppermint, was nice! It was sweet but not super sweet, a nice little pallet cleanser with a heavier meal. I could see Stefan Johnson calling this Darn Near Refreshing. But I do get why this is a limited time thing.  You wouldn't want this every Thursday afternoon.  But I could see them bringing it back next Christmas season, for example.  7/10.
Garlic Fries.


I did not expect these to come in a fancy box all of their own.  But when I opened it and saw that there was a bit of oil and seasoning on the bottom, I got it.  Like, that's how they season it.  They throw some fries in the box with the seasoning, shake it up, and bam, Bob's Your Uncle.  These smelled amazing, and they tasted EVEN BETTER.  You guys.  Seriously.  These were like, the best fast food fries I've ever had. And that is saying A LOT, because I am half potato in my DNA.  The only complaint, and that's if I'm nitpicking, is that I would like my fries just a scosh bit crispier.  9/10. (I left one point out just in case I am somehow surprised by a superior fry in future.)

Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger.


This was a choice that was off the norm for me. Normally if I am presented with the option of chicken or beef, I'm pickin' chickin'.  I spelled that wrong on purpose to be funny, hope it worked. Anyway. I opted for the beef this time.  On first glance, looks pretty. Smells very herby.  And then I got confused when I opened it up.


Ya'll, I am an idjit I thought for a second that was a chicken patty on top of that burger.  It's not. It's a hunk of deep fried mozzarella cheese.  This was a little spicy, nice flavor.  But I think I caught them at a bad time, because the cheese had no pull, the bun started to break and leak halfway through, and the burger was dry and overcooked.  But I do think the concept works.  Maybe it's better if you eat it in store? IDK.  I do know that the sammich sat like a rock in my belly afterwards for a while. Made me regret going against my regular instincts of Choosin Chicken.  It's not gross, don't get me wrong.  It was tasty. But it's a one and done, I tried it, don't need to have it again sammitch. 3.5/10.

Have you tried any of the new Wendy's menu items? What did you think? Do you think any of them should become a regular thing?

Wendily yours,

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