So if you remember, I was off on vacation over most of the holidays. 

It's just one of those things, you gotta use up your paid time off.  So I took off the three days after Christmas.  No big deal.  Anyway, one of my Sedalia Famous co-workers, Jenn (Of the Infamous Sedalia Snack Squad), asked me if she could use my office while I was gone to get some work done.  I said fine, I know it's easier to work in an office where you can close the door as opposed to a cubicle.  But then when I got back on Monday....

So..... yeah.  I guess I got pranked? Is it really a prank, though? I guess - although now that I think about it, I might be.  It reminds me of this!

In that video, most of the pranks are pretty bad, but Keith just puts his photos everywhere. So maybe Jenn is Sedalia's Keith! Who knows.

Prankingly yours,