One of the things I never thought I'd have to do as part of my marriage is hide the cookies from my wife.

That's right, while enjoying some chocolate chip cookies that Kathy baked over the weekend. She matter of factly told me to hide the cookies Monday before I went to work. When I looked over at her and gave her my why would I do that expression, she explained.

Apparently my wife is afraid a major cookie jones will hit while I'm at work and I'll come home to find an empty tin of cookies. Yet this is kind of lost on me.

I like chocolate chip cookies too. And left to my own devices and a big glass of milk I could probably make a healthy dent in the cookie tin. That said I could just as easily pay no attention to the tin of cookies and be fine until after dinner. So I just don't get this cookie jones thing.

So there I was on Monday morning trying to find a place to hide the cookies. You'd think there would be a place I could stash it. A closet where no one would look. Maybe the coat closet? Might work, unless Kathy decides to get her coat and go out. The bedroom closet? There's a good chance I'll wake her up if I put it there. What about the closet in our other bedroom? That's stuffed full of stuff, so you can't close the doors. I chose a hiding spot in plain sight and hoped Kathy wouldn't go into the second bedroom.

Tuesday was easier. I found another spot to put the cookies. Again hidden in plain sight. Wednesday I went back to the first spot. And tomorrow, I'll use the spot I found on Tuesday. All of this assuming we don't finish the cookies tonight. There's a fresh carton of milk just chilling in the fridge. So I think there's a good chance we won't have any cookies to hide tomorrow. Maybe what my wife was saying isn't lost on me after all.


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