Have you been washing your hair wrong for your entire life?  The Internet says YES.  And you have to believe everything on the Internet. Obviously.  Nobody has ever blown anything out of proportion on the internet. Ever.

Apparently, there's a growing new trend of people using conditioner FIRST and shampoo second.  I don't know if I can go along with this,but.. I'll hear it out. The theory is that the conditioner softens and untangles your hair.  Then you shampoo lightly afterward to wash away the heaviness of the conditioner and clean your hair without eliminating all of the moisture or taking away the shininess.

This might not work for all hair, though.  A website called TrueBeauty.com says it won't work if you have thicker or drier hair . . . for those types of hair, you should actually shampoo and condition in the boring old order.

So yeah, they basically just described my hair.  It's a thick, tousled mess and has been for most of my life. I have distinct memories of my mom taking me get my hair cut because the tangles were so bad even she couldn't get them out.  So the last resort was just to cut the whole thing and start over.

That's just my hair, though. It's curly, it's thick, and it has a mind of its own.  So I just try to placate it and hope for the best.  Yeah, I could be extra and get up early and try to DO something to it, but.... no.

What do you think of this idea?  Do you think there's any merit to it, or is it just the latest internet nonsense? Do you have to do special things to keep your hair in check?

Tangledly yours,



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