I admit, I'll get down a rabbit hole sometimes when I'm on the internet. You know how it is, you'll click on one thing, see something in that makes you click something else, and before you know it you're watching dudes try dogsledding for the first time. Well, on this particular journey down the rabbit hole, I found some really cute snippets of Sedalia life all the way back to 1960. They're from a YouTuber named Curtis Ryals, and I suspect they're old home movies from his family. They document a bunch of stuff (they were apparently well travelled) and some smaller glimpses into the life of a Sedalian back then.

Not sure why Al is climbing the pole, though. Does he work for the electric company? He doesn't seem to be on the job at the moment. Maybe he's just showing them how it's done?

You can easily tell that's Liberty Park. But look at how different things were!  We've added so much stuff to the park since then.

More Liberty Park, only this time in the snow! I have some memories of doing stuff like this myself as a youngster. Our childhood home was in the same neighborhood of Liberty Park. And how different the cars and trucks were back then!

This one is pretty cute. I find myself, though, looking in the background, trying to figure out where in town they are. The building over Al's shoulder looks so familiar...

Oh my goodness, that letter jacket! Actually, her fashion choices are pretty solid here. I could easily see somebody wearing this outfit today.  And how cute are they? All smiles and hugs, having a good time.  It's nice.

There are more videos on his YouTube channel, but I thought you guys would like to see a few of them here, and get a little glimpse at what life was like back in the day. It looks pretty cool - as long as you're hanging with Dee and Al.

Nostaligcally yours,