Everything on this list sounds disgusting to me.  And I've eaten some weird stuff . . . you should see our office fridge.  But apparently someone with really horrible taste disagrees.

The "Huffington Post" asked people what weird food combinations they've eaten, and that they actually LIKE.  Here are 10 of the strangest . . .

1.  Cottage cheese and mayo.

2.  Popcorn, melted butter, and soy sauce.

3.  Pickles dipped in orange juice.

4.  Cold pizza dipped in soda.

5.  Ritz crackers, peanut butter, raw onions, and ketchup.

6.  Tuna fish on spaghetti with marinara sauce.

7.  Hot chocolate and cheese.

8.  White bread, butter, and sprinkles.

9.  A grape jelly and mayo sandwich.

10.  A hamburger with a chocolate chip cookie on top.

Just... what? No.  There is nothing about these combinations that sounds REMOTELY pleasant to me.  And I've eaten some weird stuff, people.  My sister used to put ketchup on her potato chips, but.. that's normal compared to this stuff.

What kind of odd food combinations have you tried? Did you end up liking it or hating it? Would you try any of those on the list?

Foodily yours,

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