Losing weight is tough, but if you were given an opportunity to win some bucks by losing a few pounds, would you be interested?

Not eating those salty snacks and those sweet deserts can sometimes be tough. If you were given the opportunity to throw them to the side of the road and lose those unwanted pounds, and at the same time have a chance to put some cash back into your pocket, you would do it, right? Well, here's that opportunity you've been wating for.

The company Healthywage is giving you an incentive to lose the weight and to put some money in your account. Now this sounds to good to be true but it's real and there's proof of folks just like you that have signed up and have profited two ways- losing the weight and winning money.

According to thepennyhoarder.com, the way it works is you place a bet with  Healthywage on your weight loss. If you follow the plan you could come out lighter on the scale and heavier in your pocketbook.

If you've been looking for an incentive to lose the weight, this may be it!

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Amy Walters

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