We're a little over five weeks away from Turkey Day. Thanksgiving will land in our laps before you know it. Only this year's celebrations with family and friends could be a little different.

According to results from a poll taken on today.yougov.com, 34% say they will not be traveling for any celebrations/gatherings. If there is any travel to be done over the November holiday, 12% say they will travel by car instead of by plane.

So whether your plans do include travels to grandma's house or it's going to be a quiet celebration at the homestead, it's always interesting to see some of the recipes that come out this time of year.

Now if you're a seasoned veteran (no pun intended) of the two-legged bird, (is there any other kid?) you probably don't need any kitchen tips for Thanksgiving. But what if this is your first time to cook the ceremonious bird? What if you're a child trying to figure out how it's done?

It's amazing how things are seen through a child's eyes. It's not any different for Thanksgiving. They usually see the finished product on the table but how do you think they would say to fix the golden bird?

We traveled to YouTube to find a video that explains what kids think on this subject. The difference is on this video that it isn't the kids themselves explaining themselves on video but the site boredshorts.tv has a special twist on this hilarious video.

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