Most of you are aware that my wife had a lengthy hospital stay before her passing. I mention this because some of her favorite things were simple things I could bring her. A puzzle book. A new mechanical pencil. The occasional Little Debbie Nutty Bars she probably wasn't supposed to eat. These little things made the long hours and life in the hospital bearable for her. Imagine being hospitalized as a child. For a child, a tiny Matchbox or Hot Wheels car might just be the thing that makes the difference between a bearable hospital stay and a fun hospital stay

Of course, I've always liked little cars. I had a whole collection of them growing up. I also had the Hot Wheels City play set and of course the Matchbox Garage. So when I heard the Lions Club of Sedalia partnered with Children's Mercy Hospital to collect and donate Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars for the kids in the hospital I had to get behind it.

It's simple, the Sedalia Lion's Club has partnered with a variety of businesses to collect new Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars which will then be donated to Children's Mercy Hospital. The goal is to get 10,000 little cars to donate.

What's amazing is, that Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars are still relatively inexpensive. Not to mention, and this may just be me, I still have fun looking at them when I go into Walmart, Target, or any place that sells them. Now I have an opportunity to buy a couple and hopefully make some child's face light up with delight when he or she gets the little car or truck during a hospital stay.

The toy car drive is running from February 1, 2024 - April 15, 2024. There are many local businesses where you can drop off the new Matchbox or Hot Wheels toy cars you bought, including our Townsquare Media Sedalia/Warrensburg studios on South Limit Avenue. Other drop-off locations in Sedalia include:

  • Tractor Supply Company
  • Auto Glass Express
  • Nightwatch
  • Ivy's Closet
  • Smithton School
  • Shappy to Chic
  • Power Up Arcade
  • Lane Plumbing
  • Complete Real Estate Services, LLC
  • Liberty Utilities
  • Stone Laser Imaging
  • Designer's Touch
  • One Tap
  • Simmons Bank
  • Retrieving Freedom
  • Premier Realty
  • Coldwell Banker

If you'd prefer to make a cash donation instead of buying the Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars yourself, you can donate to Hot Wheels For Kids on Paypal here.

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