According to a recent tweet at the official Lady Antebellum Twitter page, Hillary Scott's due date is drawing near -- very near. Despite being nine months pregnant in the heat of summer, the singer is keeping a good attitude, even joking about a prank husband Chris Tyrrell played on her.

Tyrrell seems to have taken advantage of Scott while she slept. "My most recent humbling moment: hearing a recording that your husband took of you, 9 months pregnant, SNORING! #sawinglogs #nodenyingit" the Lady A songstress wrote on July 18.

The 27-year-old quickly found an ally in ABC news anchor Juju Chang. "Grounds for divorce," Chang tweeted back, no doubt kidding. Then she suggested the ultimate payback: "Just wait til it's midnight feeding time.... “@HillaryScottLA: @JujuChangABC"

In addition to catching up on movies and television shows she missed while on tour this spring, Scott has been spending quality time with her puppies. On Friday, she Instagramed an adorable photo of Baker resting on her pregnant belly, writing, "Loving this sweet cuddle time with both my girls."

Scott hasn't officially announced her baby's due date, but previously indicated it was in July.