I'll admit it. My biggest guilty fast food pleasure is fried cheese. I think Sonic's mozzarella sticks is the best fried cheese item available from a fast food joint. Second would be Culver's cheese curds. And I have to give a shout out to Zaxby's too. Their cheddar bites are good. Sorry Arby's, your cheese sticks aren't as good as Sonic's. The good news, if I'm getting Arby's I'm probably getting the curly fries, not the cheese sticks.

Here's my question, my nitpick. How can fast food places consistently forget to give me marinara sauce with my fried cheese? Sonic's a big offender of this. I've had it happen at Sonic Drive In's in Lubbock, Davenport and now Warrensburg. I mean if I order the pretzel stick I get the cheese cup. If I order the jumbo pop corn chicken I can choose my sauce. And they always make it in the bag.

So why is it even if I tell the person taking my order I want marinara... odds are if I don't ask or check my order when it's delivered I'm going to get home and find no sauce?

Culver's whiffed on this Monday night too. I'm not completely up on the Wisconsin delicacy that is the cheese curd, so maybe marinara sauce isn't a given like it is with mozzarella sticks, but the other couple of times I've ordered them from Culver's they've either prompted me to say yes I want marinara sauce or just stuck it in the bag. On Monday they didn't and I forgot to ask for it.

I know my marinara sauce issue is definitely a #firstworldproblem. I'm just surprised it's not standard operating procedure to stick a cup of marinara sauce in the bag when you get cheese sticks, cheese curds, cheddar bites, or anything like that.

That said, a big thank you to all who work in fast food. And have kept working the drive through during the coronavirus pandemic. We've got a lot of fast food joints in the 'Burg that serve their customers well and a lot of employees who serve with a smile. Wendy's, Culver's, Chipotle and Sonic have all impressed me. But the place with the best drive through staff? The place I always leave in a little better mood than when I pulled in? The Arby's on Maguire.

Thanks for your hard work, just don't forget the marinara.


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