On December 14 the Warrensburg City Council passed an ordinance authorizing an agreement to keep Old Drum Animal Shelter open through 2021 with Warrensburg Animal Rescue providing animal services to the community and the City letting the group use the City's current shelter facilities effective January 1. Now that January 1 has come and gone, Warrensburg Animal Rescue needs $27,500 a month to cover the shelter's operating costs.

That $27,500 equals $330,000 to run the shelter for the year. This includes staffing, pet food, veterinary care, utilities, vehicle upkeep, office supplies, licences and insurance required to maintain a rescue serving the area. This year Warresnburg and Johnson County are kicking in $100,000 to help the group get off to a good start. That won't continue after this year. This according to a post on the shelter's Facebook page.

So, obviously Warrensburg Animal Rescue needs our help to sustain the shelter through 2021 and beyond. How can you help? Well donations are appreciated. You can donate to the group through their website here. They accept PayPal and also debit and credit cards. You can make a one time donation or a monthly donation. You can also donate by check and dropping it off at the shelter, or mailing it to P.O. Box 1234, Warrensburg, Mo 64093. Checks should be made out to Warrensburg Animal Shelter.

That's not to say Warrensburg Animal Rescue is relying wholly on individuals to support the group. According to a FAQ on their Facebook page, "W.A.R. intends to seek out all possible revenue streams from fundraising to grant writing to help supplement the budget of what it takes to keep our Old Drum Animal Shelter running." Which is something many shelters and rescue groups do.

You can also give in other ways, like serving as a foster family for the dogs and cats that find themselves at Old Drum Animal Shelter. Fostering a cat or dog allows the animal to learn that they are loved and puts them in a position to gain the social skills and freedom to be their best self, which makes them more adoptable. Or if the time is right rescue your furry family member from the shelter through adoption.

From time to time there are also volunteer opportunities and opportunities to donate items the shelter needs or take care of a specific need the shelter has. These usually are posted on the groups Facebook page.

For more information on Old Drum Animal Shelter or to inquire about volunteer opportunities or other ways you can support them check out their website here. And their Facebook page here.

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