If you're craving a soft-serve cone. Like, say a twist in a cake cone rolled in crushed nuts. It may be worth the road trip to St. Joseph.

Kris and Kate's Ice Cream is hard to miss. Just look for the big pink vanilla ice cream cone on north 36th Street off the Belt Highway. Kris and Kate's menu proclaims, "if you can think it, we can make it."

On the menu are a bunch of Specialty Sundaes and Twisters. A Twister, in case you're wondering, is similar to DQ's Blizzard. There are lots of toppings, many of them fruit. For example, the Tropical Surfer. It's vanilla ice cream, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and coconut. Or the Aloha, with Disney Dole Whip, strawberries, bananas, and shortcake.

If decadent toppings are more your thing. Check out the Twistin' Turtle, made with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, and pecans. Or maybe the Oreo Volcano made with vanilla ice cream, Oreos, fudge brownies, a chocolate chip cookie, and mini chocolate chips.

And of course, if you think it, they can make it. Well, then I'd expect you're certainly welcome to put your own twist on those sundaes. For me, maybe that's the Tropical Surfer without the bananas and the Disney Dole Whip soft serve instead of the vanilla. Or the Oreo Volcano made with chocolate ice cream.

Kris and Kate's isn't your typical sit-down place. The building is a kitschy pink ice cream cone. The kind of place where the building is half the reason to go. And if you're thinking of going there for lunch, it's all about hot dogs and nachos.

It is an afternoon's worth of adventure from Sedalia or Warrensburg. Drive time from Sedalia is about two hours and twenty minutes. One hour and fifty minutes from Warrensburg according to Google.

From Sedalia/KnobNoster/Warrensburg:

  • Go West on Highway 50
  • Follow I-435 North and I-29 North to Fredrick Avenue in St. Joseph (Exit 47 off I-29)
  • Drive to North 36th Street

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